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Get MortgageWhisper® rates whenever you want them --
instant, real-time rates!

MortgageWhisper® On-Demand is a FREE service for subscribers. Just send an email to:

This request will return the
pager-formatted MortgageWhisper® report.

See below table for other commands.

In order to receive a reply, you must send your request from a valid, registered MortgageWhisper® email address. You will receive a reply with current MortgageWhisper® rates, in the format you have specified. Select the format of your MortgageWhisper® reply by using one of the following commands in the body of your email message:

Command Resulting Report
pager detailed 10y/30y/GNMA/FNMA report, formatted for pagers
cell condensed 10y/GNMA/FNMA report, formatted for cellular/mobile phones and pagers
PC detailed 10y/30y/GNMA/FNMA report, formatted for PC's and desktop computers


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