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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Service

Q. What exactly do I receive when I subscribe to MortgageWhisper®?
A. You receive periodic email updates containing real-time GNMA, FNMA, 10-year, and 30-year Treasury Rates. VIEW UPDATE SAMPLE.

You also receive access to MortgageWhisper® On-Demand, which allows you to retrieve real-time mortgage rates whenever you need them (in addition to periodic/timed updates.)

Q. How often do I receive MortgageWhisper® updates?
A. It's your choice. You can receive updates either Half-Hourly, Hourly, or Three Times Daily (Open/Midday/Close). You can change this setting as often as you'd like by simply logging into your account. MortgageWhisper® updates are deliver on business days only, when the markets are trading. There are no updates on weekends or holidays.

Q. Who provides MortgageWhisper®?
A. MortgageWhisper® is provided to you by the same company which has furnished DATACAST® News ( since 1992. DATACAST® is the nation's largest and oldest provider of wireless paging information services and is trusted by millions for accurate, timely information.

Q. How do I contact MortgageWhisper®?
A. Submit our email form HERE.

How to Receive MortgageWhisper®

Q. How do I subscribe to MortgageWhisper®?
A. Simply click the Register link on the left. You will be asked to create a username, password, select your update times and delivery email and enter your credit card information. The registration process takes about five minutes to complete.

Q. How do I receive MortgageWhisper®?
A. MortgageWhisper® is delivered to your email address. That email address can be on your cellular phone, pager, PDA or computer.

Q. I want to receive MortgageWhisper® on my mobile phone, but my mobile phone doesn't have an email address.
A. Your mobile phone may have an email address that you're not aware of. Visit our CELLULAR HELP PAGE for a listing of mobile/cellular email addresses and other helpful instructions.

Q. How do I know it's safe to enter my credit card on the MortgageWhisper® website?
A. MortgageWhisper® uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it can't be read as the information travels over the Internet. You can verify the MortgageWhisper® encryption certificate by clicking the Thawte logo at the left.

Rates and Terms

Q. How much does MortgageWhisper® cost?
A. $79.95 per year.

Q. What happens if I don't need the service for a full year?

A. The minimum subscription period is one year. There are no refunds or prorations for period of less than one year.

Q. Why is the minimum subscription for one full year?
A. The MortgageWhisper® subscription price is exceptionally inexpensive. The one-year minimum is instrumental in helping to keep the subscription rate so low for everyone.

Q. What if I sign-up but don't like the MortgageWhisper® service?

A. MortgageWhisper® stands behind its product. If you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate the service and receive a full, no-questions-asked refund within the first seven days of signing up. Terminations must be sent by email to

Q. What charge will I see on my credit card bill?
A. You will see a charge for $79.95 from MortgageWhisper®.

Q. Will my mobile phone company charge me extra to receive MortgageWhisper®?
A. It depends upon your wireless provider and service plan. Some charge a fee for incoming emails, others include incoming emails free with your service plan. Check with your wireless carrier.

Q. What happens to my MortgageWhisper® subscription after the first year?
A. MortgageWhisper® automatically renews your subscription and charges your credit card. You are notified of the renewal by email. If you no longer wish to subscribe, simply let us know by replying to the renewal notification within the first seven days. Your subscription will be terminated and a full refund issued.

Using MortgageWhisper®

Q. What is MortgageWhisper® On-Demand?
A. On-Demand allows you to retrieve instant, real-time MortgageWhisper® rates. ON-DEMAND INSTRUCTIONS.

Q. What happens if I change my mobile phone or service provider?
A. You control where MortgageWhisper® updates are delivered. Simply log in and enter your new phone's email address. Future updates will instantly be delivered to the new email address.

Q. Can I have MortgageWhisper® updates sent to my work computer?

A. Yes, simply put your work email address in the "Delivery Email" field.

Q. Is there a discount for several MortgageWhisper® subscriptions?

A. Yes, if your office will be purchasing 20 or more subscriptions, please visit our CORPORATE SALES FORM for corporate discounts.

Q. What do I get if I refer someone to MortgageWhisper®?
A. You get a free month if your referral signs up for MortgageWhisper®. This offer is limited to existing MortgageWhisper subscribers. GET YOUR REFERRAL CREDIT HERE.

Q. I will temporarily be working at a different location or office. How do I continue to get my MortgageWhisper® updates?
A. Simply login to your MortgageWhisper® account and put in the new email address where you'd like to receive MortgageWhisper®. You can change your Delivery Email as often as you'd like.

Q. I signed up for MortgageWhisper®, but I'm not getting any updates. Why not?
A. Log back into your MortgageWhisper® account using your username and password. Verify and correct your Delivery Email address. If you are to receive MortgageWhisper® on a cellular phone, visit our CELLULAR HELP PAGE here to confirm that you have entered your cellular email address correctly. If your cellular email address appears to be correct, then call your cellular provider and make sure that email capability has been turned on for your phone.

Q. I signed up for MortgageWhisper® and received updates fine for a while, but the updates have suddenly stopped. What's wrong?
A. It's possible that your email address sits behind a spam "firewall", designed to prevent unwanted spam. Contact the network administrator/computer technician for your email system and let them know what's happening. They can help you to obtain any technical information needed to permit your MortgageWhisper® updates to pass through the spam "firewall."

Privacy and Other Policies

Q. What is the MortgageWhisper® privacy policy? Does MortgageWhisper® give or sell my information to anyone?
A. MortgageWhisper® does not share your information with any third parties except the bank credit card processing service in order to charge your card. Period. Your privacy is important to MortgageWhisper®.

Q. Will MortgageWhisper® send me unwanted emails?

A. MortgageWhisper® will only contact you via your Contact Email as absolutely necessary -- to inform you of changes to your account, including renewals, or to let you know about additional options in your MortgageWhisper® service. MortgageWhisper® will never contact you unnecessarily. Also, MortgageWhisper® never contacts you with account information via your Delivery Email. Your Delivery Email is used only for your MortgageWhisper® updates.

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